Wenger declares winger is fully fit

https://i0.wp.com/cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0d5oaqF5vDcVf/520x.jpgTomas Rosicky is back among main options on Wenger’s drawing board ahead of games.

The Czech midfielder ended a long absence from football since January 2008 by starting for his country in the recent international break and has made consecutive appearances including a start in Arsenal’s last three fixtures.

Since his comeback, Wenger has been ever-cautious about handing Rosicky playing time due to fears over his fitness.

But after racking up over 182 minutes of football action so far, the boss is now confident about the 28-year-old’s fitness.

“I am very positive. Touch wood his problem is sorted. He had not played a game for 18 months. Now he has played with the Czech Republic and us. I did not leave him out today because I was cautious. He was ready to play and for me he looks completely over his injury.” Wenger siad.

13 responses to “Wenger declares winger is fully fit

  1. anyone else excited for the CC game today? It sucks I have to work but I love reading about this young side. This side could be the future of the team along with a couple of the other 1st teamers. Can’t wait to see how Wilshire and Fran the Man play together.

    Tra, The Cat, The BIG Swiss, Gibbs
    Wilshire Vella

    That is going to be a fasstttttt team out there tonight. Would like to see Conqulin (sp) and Frimpong get a run out because I think those guys are the bull that can play behind Ramsey and Jacky..oh well..up the guns and can’t wait for the highlights.


  2. one more thing: IF we can play with Rosicky,Arshavin,Fabregas,v.Persie,all together for a while this season we will win things! If things go after plan wow we will have options big time…Nasri,Walcott,Eduardo,Nikki B,+++ Come on! Good luck tonight BOYS..Vela hatrick anyone ???


  3. I still believe that the kids need to play alongside more of the so-called 1st teamers.If Diaby and Eboue are really any good then they should shine in this kind of game!This way,however,the manager has a “cant really lose” scenario-if they win then it’s a great result for the kids and if they are beaten,then what more could we expect from “a team of kids”!
    Given the squad that the Manager has selected I would expect the team to be:-
    Szczesny (should be Mannone as he needs all the game time that he can get given his “shakiness”!)Gibbs,Sylvestre (Although I’d rather see Bartley playing instead of the old “Cart-horse”),Senderos,Traore (playing on the wrong side!) /or Gilbert,Coquelin,Ramsey,Sunu (or Traore if Gilbert plays right back)Vela,Wilshire,Watt.
    With a side representing a better mixture of youth and a little experience Arsenal might stand a chance of winning a cup competition but we all remain interested to see what happens,none the less!


  4. Yes!!! my favourite player is fully fit. This piece of news is like music to my ears. Amazing guy. At a time when most fans gave up on him because of his long injury, Rosicky kept faith to himself and pulled through those difficult moments. Now he is up and running again. Hallelujah!!!


  5. look forward to seeing him at the end of the seasone lift the silverware that he will have played a vital part in winning


  6. Sorry guys, I definitely would have helped if I was available. 😦

    But UP THE GUNNERS!! anyway. And Vela will never stop telling Wenger why he needs to become a starter.


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