Messi: Arsenal are a team to consider Messi sees Arsenal as genuine challengers to Barcelona’s defense of their European crown.

The talented Argentine was speaking with Nick Bidwell in an interview on ESPN yesterday and acknowledged English teams as a threat in the Champions League.

The 22-year-old lauded Arsenal’s style of play and drew similarities between their Catalan football and that of Wenger’s men.

And ahead of Friday’s draw for the quarter-finals in Nyon, Lionel may relish a glamorous meeting with the Gunners should Barcelona see off Stuttgart today.

“Once again, I expect the big challenge to come from England in the Champions League.” Messi said.

“Arsenal are a team to consider because of their fantastic build-up play. They are like us at Barca in so many ways. Rather than being from London, they should be from South America. Andrei Arshavin and Cesc Fabregas are touch-players I love to watch.” Subscribe to feed


35 responses to “Messi: Arsenal are a team to consider

  1. come to the gunners Leo!! you will get a warm welcome!!! 🙂 So you can play with Cesc and Andrej together!!!


    • Spot on man. I was telling someone the same thing while I watched Barcelona vs Valencia on Sunday.

      Messi plays carpet football and it’s unbelievable the amount of time he has on the ball to weave his way through defenders before finding a strike.

      He’s very brilliant but in England, no one gives a Shawcross about the condition of the pitch, nor its size. So you won’t have all the time to dance your way through like Maradona because the pace of those hatchets will not allow you.

      Oh, and skillfulness is not appreciated in England mate. You score a beauty and people think it’s down to awful defending rather than brilliance.

      Just ask Robinho.


    • NO.. The two second best “TOUCH PLAYERS” as messi says, are Cesc and Andrej. They Havent broken their legs have they…???? Messy would be respected.. Come on lets face it, The pro would respect him too much to ruin his carrea – SO THUMBS DOWN FOR ME.


  2. Arsenal & Barcelona, 2 of the world most attractive and entertaining football teams in the world playing each other. An interesting prospect. See you in the final, Messi.


  3. Oh my God, just copied the info from my article. I was watching ESPN press-pass earlier today and that’s where I got the quotes from and these copy cats at have done an article copying the way I wrote the quotes down word for word.

    I guess it’s a compliment to me 🙂


  4. Surely if have taken the quotes from anywhere it’s from espn who did after all conduct the interview with Lionel Messi.

    How have they copied them from you given that you yourself have just copied them from the tv?

    ESPN even have the quotes themself…

    Some interesting logic Randy? Perhaps you should stop patting yourself on the back.


    • Because as you can see, the Messi quotes on that ESPN page is a lot (not just about Arsenal) and I personally selected the lines (even cutting out a paragraph) I wanted to use.

      Isn’t it incredibly coincidental how have selected the same lines?

      And please stop disguising yourself with different names. You’ve posted the last 3 comments.


  5. I cant believe you have copied this shoe shop name I love their shoes, I think they are great. Copycat, copycat sitting on his door mat…


  6. Boys, the Soccer God’s have spoken! You didn’t hear this from me but we might be playing…CSKA Moscow, or Inter Milan!!! It’s going to be one of those 2! You heard it here first people! And Barca/Man U. gonna go at it again in the QF. hahaha


    • Yeah, USAMA it’s yours truly!

      You should get an avatar of, Bendtner with his shirt off. hahaah. JK!


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  8. Do you think arsenal will be drawn with barca this year and how will they cope with messi this time round?


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