VIDEO: Eduardo’s big presentation at Shakhtar Donetsk

Eduardo da Silva marked a new chapter in his career on Wednesday by completing a move to Ukraine which was applauded by both sides involved in the transfer.

The Brazilian-born Croatian’s sheer professionalism when he was a Gunner and unlucky experiences at the club meant he left with the gratitude and best wishes of everyone at Arsenal.

The 27-year-old even insisted that “Arsenal will always be in my heart” and just as he will never stop following Arsenal, we will never stop following Eduardo either.

So here was Arsenal’s former No. 9 being presented to the Shakhtar Donetsk fans today.

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12 responses to “VIDEO: Eduardo’s big presentation at Shakhtar Donetsk

    • It would be nice to see, but that thing isn’t practiced not just at Arsenal but in England mate.

      I do feel that our signings should be presented in a more consistent manner though. Some of them get to take photos with their jersey on the Emirates Stadium pitch and some don’t.


  1. Good luck DuDu for your future and well done to the bull crap british media for driving away a great striker from us


  2. Their fans must be very excited about this signing.
    I just wish i could get excited about 1 of our signings


  3. yh arsenal shud do this it will make the players feel more at home, and rake in abit of extra revenue


  4. i’m feeling every sad about leaving eduado becuase when he got the enjury he was playing for us.good luck edu


  5. Good luck Eduardo – the Premier League is weaker for losing a player like DuDu and retaining the freaks that break legs.


  6. Good Luck DUDU…
    You deserve a Great Career…Lets hope u win Titles with Shaktar and Croatia….


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