VIDEO: Enjoy United’s misery – fan calls for SAF’s head will refocus on Gunners’ matters later but due to the torrid time Manchester United fans gave us following that defeat at Old Traffod, avenging the banter is not unnecessary when the red devils also fall miserably.

That was yesterday at Newcastle where United could not even manage the point Arsenal secured there with ten men earlier in the season.

We forgave them for that Blackburn debacle, but Ferguson and his cheats will not get away with this one.

And to prove the knee-jerk nature of United’s fans, there are actually some of them who are calling for the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson after their second league defeat in a row.

Believe it or not, here is United fan Fisher Osei-Agyei who is calling for the long serving manager to walk away.

“Perhaps we need a couple of top class players and big, big courage to thank Fergie and say bye to him. If he manages to still win the EPL, fine. But I really think a fresher brain is needed.”


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8 responses to “VIDEO: Enjoy United’s misery – fan calls for SAF’s head

  1. Shame it didn’t happen to them in a League Cup final.

    But hey, if we are going to defend AW for his challenges – living within a budget and competing with bottomless pockets, we also have to – at least a little bit – acknowledge that SAF deserves respect for doing something similar: Not buying 2-3 full internationals for each position as Chelsea did in 2004-2006 and ManCity 2009-20011; instead, trusting that 4-5 top players can get the job done if the others pull their weight. SAF has also gambled on youngsters, too, even more so this season – Anderson, CLeverly, Wellbeck, de Gea, Smalling, Jones, like Wenger did previously (and they are all out on loan!).

    He brought in Smalling (who we went for); he brought in Jones (who we went for)

    What Fergie has had over wenger over the last 5 years has been more money for wages sure, but mainly 1. Ronaldo (who we went for) 2. Van der Saar 3. Vidic (our Vermaelen, who is rarely injured but this year it’s different) 3. Ferdinand who we couldn’t afford 4. Rooney (who we couldn’t afford, and out Van Persie – injured) 5. Hernandez (our Eduardo – injured) 6. Squad players who were tougher and more mature than ours – Park, O’Shea, Neville, Fletcher

    It’s been enough for Red Nose to win trophies in this period to our zero trophies. But anyone can see that he is riding his luck this season and it ain’t working out. The advantages he created over Wenger we all knew about – goalkeeping, older squad players, keeping his gems from a previous era – Neville, Scholes, Giggs (Henry, Pires, Vieira), and having top center backs, well, these advantages (over us and everyone else) have disappeared this season and his club is rocking at the moment. Can’t see them falling out of the top three however so he’ll still get the last laugh. Unless he doesn’t.


  2. it also helps if you buy the odd £30 mill player most seasons(expect again this window or next)& pay over the odds for at an average for players such as anderson etc-wenger has NEVER bought a £16 mill player let alone a £30 mill-so in that resect they’re not miles away from the chavs/northern chavs are they-accept most of the money is football generated at least..but still HATE the b***ds more than any other fans-above quote a typical glory hunting wanker that follows them.and yes i take every opp that god allows to slag them off when they lose


  3. oh & let’s not forget they take every opp to slag us off .no sympathy given we put a virtual second string out hey?they gloat all the same-so roll on end of jan for a spot of revenge…


  4. Lest people forget. Before Chelski and Man City, Man U were the richest club in the world and had their pick of players; they had all the sympathy of the general public and support of the media and FA that came as a result of Munich (although I’m not trying to in anyway demean the fact that it was a tragedy); they were at the top when Sky came into the arena chucking money at them; and gained swathes of their support on the back of being the first English side to win a European Cup (shame the European Cup and TV Money wasn’t around in the 1930’s we;d have had 4 or 5 before before Fergie was born).

    Man U have had every advantage possible for virtually the whole of Fergie’s reign. Basically speaking his most valuable skill is scaring journalists and manipulating the FA. Given those advantages I’d say he was a pretty good manager, not the bloody untouchable every man and his dog makes him out to be.


    • Let’s been honest though. Most of them know nothing about football, they’re just people with weak egos who wear the shirt just so they can associate themselves with a bit of success. That’s why if you look in their cupboards they’ll also have a Chelsea shirt and a Man City shirt “just in case”!


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