Priceless! – £38 million

Nasri – £25 million

Dzeko – £27 million

Tevez – £25 million

Balotelli – £25 million

Silva – £24 million

Milner – £24 million

The look on their faces when £10 million Mikel Arteta ruins their season – Priceless.

Arsène Knows!

22 responses to “Priceless!

    • Real real Arteta did good job & he saved arsenal life! Thank you buddy! I was so happy . That was right priceless !!!


  1. I dont know why Arteta is not in Spanish national team. To me, he is a better player than Alonso of Real Madrid


    • I agree. Should have a place on the Spanish bench at least. Even if he’s the 5th choice CM behind Xavi, Busquets, Fabregas, Martinez.


  2. I actually think the priceless moment was 55,000 Gooners singing –
    “Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na, Nasri’s on the bench, on the bench, Nasri’s on the bench…” when he was substituted! “Samir Samir what’s the score?” was even sweeter than Arteta’s strike! Classic moment.

    Get ready for next season Goons… The song will be, “OOOOO Sammy Sammy, you went to Man City and you won F*** All !”


  3. Arteta i never doubted his ability.He is a world class player and has brought out de killer pass in Song.


  4. If only knew how sweet that victory was for us gooners, then they would flush the team. Nasri whats ur response? Hahahahaha


  5. Most times a player’s class is overshadowed by the image of ‘lesser clubs’ they play for! I believe mikel is gonna have his dream call up very soon.bravo Mr.Art


  6. sweet victory,what will be going on in nasri,s mind now,probably would be thinking, did i make a mistake?you went for the money so enjoy ur money we at arsenal will keep enjoying beautiful football


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