‘He should be loaned out’ – Twitter attacks Arsenal star despite Everton win


Despite an almost perfect week for Arsenal, one player attracted more criticism than plaudits after Saturday’s 2-1 win over Everton.

When available, Aaron Ramsey has often been preferred to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at right wing but after initial complaints about Arsene Wenger’s tactics, most fans are beginning to side with the manager’s choice.

That is because Oxlade-Chamberlain was deemed culpable for goals conceded in defeats against West Ham and Dinamo Zagreb before he lost possession ahead of Ross Barkley’s goal.

Whether it is down to bad luck or just bad form, the former Southampton youngster is now being labeled as a defensive liability when handed a start.

Here were the different reactions to the 22-year-old’s ‘error’ on Saturday.

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13 responses to “‘He should be loaned out’ – Twitter attacks Arsenal star despite Everton win

  1. Oxlaide-Chamberlain’s defensive lapses have their genesis in his offensive limitations: he is a sub-par passer and has not yet learned that, despite his size and foot-speed, he cannot consistently bull his way through an organized defensive team in a straight line at the top-level of the sport. The latter is a similar problem to the one that Theo Walcott had at a similar stage in his career; before Theo developed a wider set of moves to shake off defenders with and without the ball. The bigger problem–that needs to be addressed more immediately–is the Ox’s inability to consistently pick out the open teammate and hit him with an accurate pass, particularly when he is under-pressure (which he often invites by barging into situations where he is trapped by multiple defenders). While it is difficult, if not impossible, to develop better “field vision” on the training ground, Oxlaide-Chamberlain needs to focus on making better and more accurate passes, which is essential in the Arsenal system that relies on using smart, accurate passes to carve open opposing defenses. Until the Ox improves these parts of his overall game he will continue to be a liability as a starter for Arsenal and will not fulfill his immense potential. The time has come for Oxlaide-Chamberlain to recognize these weaknesses in his game and put in the extra work needed to eliminate them.

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  2. I think Chamberlain’s problems can be sorted out on the practice pitch. He fails to read the runs of his mates and sometimes holds on to the ball far too long.; Wilshere has the same problems. Against tough teams like Bayern Munich, Debuchy should play right back and Belerin moved to right wing until Ramsey recovers.


  3. The Ox is a major concern. All he had to do was pass to bellerin and our momentum would have continued but he opts to shoot whilst crowded out loses the ball and we are hit on the break with Barkley’s goal. This is the 4th or 5th time the Ox has lost the ball and resulted in goals against us and I do wonder if he’s aware of this stat against him. His lack of intelligence is bewildering but am hoping this will soon be ironed out. He doesn’t need to try the daft stuff just play simple until the moment is right to dribble or shoot. Not when we need to keep the ball when we have 8 players in their half DOH.


  4. Ox is a good player it’s just matter of luck, would suggest that arsene Wenger should continue using him and it’s would adjust himself because is a good player to me


  5. he’s a good player but,he needs many more games to earn experience.good pace to put opponents defense on toes.


  6. I think Ox needs to improve, he should sit back and watch his replays on ways to improve he should necessarily know that whenever he his with the ball he does not need to do anything special especially when he is confused than to pass and needs to improve on his vision


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